The Coolest Gadget We’ve Ever Seen

Use a Hidden Camera Detector to Find Spy Cameras

“Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t watching you” is an old saying that holds even more meaning today.  Surveillance cameras and parabolic listening devices are everywhere, and hidden cameras are just as common.  There are times when you don’t want to be filmed and you want to maintain your privacy, but how can you protect your privacy and find / avoid / disable hidden camera Countersurveillance hidden cameras?  With a spy camera finder of course!  This neat gadget will not only help you find the hidden cameras in the area, it will show you what they see!  The signals are intercepted and displayed on the screen, so you can easily and quickly locate spy cameras that may be watching you.

Fun Affordable iPhone Helicopter Entertains

Pilot a Helicopter with your iPhoneWhen talking about cell phones and gaming, RC toys are certainly part of the mix. With the personal drones even making an appearance in the latest Call of Duty franchise edition, radio controlled helicopters are a big hit with gamers.

This iPhone Helicopter brings it all together with an easy to fly RC helicopter, controlled directly by your iPhone. Completely controllable and mostly crash proof, these surprisingly affordable toys are available at

Radiation Protection for the Digital Age

You may not be wearing a tinfoil hat thinking the zombie apocalypse is around the corner, but accidents like what happened in Fukishama show us that real dangers, both man made and natural, do exist.  Zombie & Radiation Protection

This doesn’t dictate a need to be ‘prepping’ for the worst, but having a radiation dosimeter on hand can be a smart and level headed choice.  The group at Digital Geiger Counters offers easy to use Geiger counter units that don’t require a PhD in physics to understand and can be useful around the house for making sure your microwave is not leaking to double checking that those beets you picked up at the farmers market are not irradiated. Grab your own digital radiation protection just in case, because who knows, maybe the zombies really do exist….

Boosting Cellular Signals

Should you Boost Your Mobile Phone Signal?

Strong cell phone signal boosters can prevent fluctuations and the annoyance of dropped calls.  Being unable to make a phone call from your home or office can be frustrating at the least or detrimental to business and social connections at worst.

Creating a sound mobile phone signal by using a signal repeater at your residence, or perhaps at the office is very important for regular un-interrupted living, along with assuring you stay connected (since it seems no one uses a land line any longer.  To stay connected and avoid the pitfalls of missed calls, one should consider using a mobile phone signal booster to boost connection strength as well as data speeds.

Advanced iPad Training

Learning advanced tips and tricks for the ipad tablets can take you from one end of the internet to the other.  Finding clear and concise advanced training in one easy to understand manual is great help for anyone who wants to advance the utility of their device. Advanced Ipad Training

Take a look at the iPad video lessons, and find out if an advanced training course is right for you.  You’ll learn all kinds of neat tips, tricks, and ‘hacks’ that will increase your productivity with the device as well as current iOS shortcuts.

This has nothing to do with jailbreaking or other methods which could get your pad ‘in trouble’, but rather an advanced tutorial on using all the features that already exist on this great tablet from Apple.

Cell Phone Caller ID Spoofing with Spoofcard

Use Spoofcard to Fake Your Caller ID

Spoofcard is a software tool that allows you to change the caller ID display on the phone of the person you are calling to anything you want.  You can place calls to your kids from Santa Claus, call your co-workers from ‘HR Department’, or many variations on prank calls.Free Trial Call

The spoof card software is easy to use, and, like most software, there is an app for it!  Both iOS and Android versions are available.  There is even a voice changer, that can change your voice from male to female or female to male.  Overall, spoofcard is one neat way to pull a phone prank!

Try it free at and find out if it is right for you.

Cheap Unlocked Cell Phones

Cheap Unlocked Cell Phones

Cell phone companies are taking a lot of heat lately after pushing for legislation that makes unlocking your cell phone illegal. In many cases this means that people are looking for cheap unlocked cell phones to use as their second phone, when an additional SIM card is needed, as is the case for a local number when traveling internationally.Inexpensive smartphones are a smart alternative to their locked counterparts

An unlocked cell phone is a smart option, as you won’t get into any trouble with authorities for unlocking your phone (no matter how ridiculous that seems), and you’ll have a spare that you can use with any telecom carrier you wish to work with. A company called has taken the pain out of high international travel roaming packages, by offering a 2nd phone option.  By using the local SIM card, you’ll have to carry along a spare phone, but that minor inconvenience will be greatly recovered in your actual bottom line.

Edit: Unlocking your cell phone is legal once again.

Cheap Cell Phones Highlighted at CES 2013

Contract Cell Phones for  Global CustomersThis year’s CES will run from January 8-11 at the usual location in Las Vegas, NV.  Affordable, fully featured cell phones are expected to be highlighted as many third world telecom markets are coming of age and the demand for cheap cell phones is skyrocketing.

If you can’t wait for the new tech to be released to the consumer market, be sure to have a look at the affordable cell phones and tablets already available online.